The loss of a musical royal


When I was a kid, I had this glass picture for years. It was a small glass square, with the cover from Purple Rain as the image that had been applied to it. I don’t remember where it came from for sure, though I imagine it was probably a gift from my parents.

I loved Prince. I loved his music, his skill, his songs, and his uniqueness. He was a musical genious, and he was the kind of person that reminds you that no matter who you are, you should be yourself.

I was incredibly sad to see that he passed away last week. In fact, when I first saw it, it was a post a friend shared. I immediately went to Google, certain it had to be another one of those celebrity death hoaxes. But as it turned out, it wasn’t.

I’ve been listening to a ton of his music in the days since his death, remembering how much I loved it. I’ve been watching the videos on VH1 Classic, and I sat down with my kids and watched Purple Rain for movie night last night.

Sometimes, someone you never met can touch your life in amazing ways. Prince was the first musician that I ever liked entirely on my own, the first music that I listened to because I wanted to rather than because it was what my parents played. He was a legend, a man who could write, sing, dance and play more instruments than some people even realized existed. He was humble, and generous and sweet, by everything I’ve ever read about him or heard about him. He was a total package.

I know I will miss his existence in the world. But at least we still have his music. That will never go away, and it will continue to inspire other musicians for generations to come.

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