Summer colds and another sale!

One of the joys of motherhood is when your children are generous and share. Or is it? My oldest child decided to be generous and share a cold with me. So now I’m dealing with a runny nose, scratchy throat, and general stuffy head feeling.

Which is why I nearly forgot that Tangled Deceit just went on sale in the UK! It’s available for £0.99 for the next week.  You can read an excerpt right here, or here’s the blurb:

“I think your mother had an affair with my business partner.”

Suddenly, Lacey’s life is turned upside down. Everything she thought she knew is suddenly in question, and she isn’t sure who she can trust. Jon is the only one who seems to be on the level, but she knows that he’s really only looking out for one thing: his business. That knowledge doesn’t stop her from developing feelings for him, though.

After a devastating betrayal by his wife, Jon has sworn off love. He’ll commit to fun and sex, but he makes sure that women understand he won’t commit to anything beyond that. But with Lacey, it’s different. He can’t treat her the way he treats other women. But he made a promise to his business partner, and that has to be his priority.

His feelings for Lacey grow, and he soon realizes that his feelings for her and his promise to his partner are in conflict with each other. Torn between keeping his word and a growing sense of loyalty to Lacey, Jon tries to find a balance.

As their search for the truth goes deeper, so does their relationship. The question is, will it survive when all the truth has been revealed?

Pick up your copy while it’s half off! (And don’t forget, it’s still available for $.99 in the US, too, for another day!)


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