Stuck, but not like glue

I love being an author, but sometimes it can be more annoying than fun. The last couple of weeks fell into the annoying category.

I had been hard at work on one book, making tons of progress. And then it just stopped. My characters sat around, staring at me. Anything I suggested they do, they just shook their heads, crossed their arms, and sat. Every idea that I had that would bring things together would only bring them together temporarily, before they’d fall apart again.

After two days of trying like hell to get it to work, I finally gave up. I’d had another idea that had been rolling around in my brain for months. It was what I planned to work on after I finished the first one, anyway, so I decided to get started on it.

I worked on it for several days. I was flying through it, making some major inroads, writing a good 20 pages a day, which is at least double what I usually write. And then Saturday night, in the middle of the night, my eyes popped open and I knew how to bring it all together in the first story.

This is the problem with being an author. Trying to decide which story to work on, which one you can make the most progress on, can sometimes prove nearly impossible.

I ended setting aside the second, new, story and going back to my first one. And I’ve been making some good progress again. I’m pleased with where it’s going now, even though it does keep changing direction slightly.

I’ve also been dealing with technology issues. My whole family (me, my kids, my parents) all have Kindles. We love them. I’m sure I don’t have to explain to you the advantages of the Kindle, or any e-reading device (though there is still something to be said about the smell of a paperback, the feeling of turning pages, and seeing the pages on each side of that bookmark to know how near you are to the answers you’ve been seeking since page one.).

But they have some serious disadvantages, too. My mother’s has become very uncooperative. Initially, it wouldn’t come on when she pressed the power button. That was easily fixed with a quick restart. Then the battery wouldn’t stay charged. Annoying, but not a major issue – she just charged it more frequently. No biggie.

But now she’s brought it to me, the resident technology expert it seems, because she couldn’t get to the library of books on the cloud. I finally figured out that it’s because it’s not connected to the Wi-Fi network. But the problem is, I cannot get it to connect. I’ve restarted it, I’ve scanned for the network, I’ve entered the network info, I’ve manually created the network. I know we’ve got a connection, because all the computers are hooked up, as is my phone.

I’ve even resorted to begging and threatening the Kindle. Its response is the technological equivalent to sticking out its tongue and blowing a raspberry. I’ve tried pretty much everything I could think of, searched for every possible solution, all to no avail. But I refuse to give up yet. If you have any suggestions for how I can try to fix this, I’d love to hear them.

In the meantime, it’s back to work.