Scribd Changes

As you may or may not be aware already, Scribd has been making some rather major changes to the romance they offer on the site – specifically, the amount of romance they offer. Part of this change is that a lot of books are being removed.

Unfortunately, Ripped Away, Tangled Deceit, and The Secrets He Kept have now become casualties of this change. As of this morning, they are no longer available on Scribd. My only notice of this was an email about a week ago informing that there was a possibility this could happen and then waking up this morning to find them gone.

This is not a change I have any control over, and I do apologize for the inconvenience. If you enjoy the subscription model, Oyster is another option that offers both the subscription model and my books. Otherwise, you can check each of my book pages to find other sales channels for each book.

Hopefully, Scribd will figure out a good solution to their issues soon, and my books (and those of the many other wonderful authors who’ve also seen their books removed) will be available there again.

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