Made some changes to the site

You might have noticed a few changes. Specifically, it might appear some things are missing. Rest assured, if you came looking for a product review, or a review of a book I’ve read, it’s still here.

It’s just a blog post now, instead of it’s own page. It was getting too unwieldy for me to keep doing that, and I wanted to pare down the navigation menu a bit.

You can still easily find the product reviews by simply typing product review into the search bar, or the specific product name, if you’re looking for one in particular. The book reviews can be found the same way. You can also search the term ‘Netgalley’ if you’d like to see all the books I’ve gotten from Netgalley.

Going forward, product and book reviews will be made as blog posts. I’m hoping this will make it easier for me to keep track of and you to read.

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