Just in case the world does end…

I am not one of those that believes the world will end tomorrow. But I have to admit that it is fun to joke around about it. So in keeping with joking around about it…

Just in case the world does end tomorrow, I just wanted to say thank you to all of you who visit my site, who’ve bought and read my books, who’ve written to tell me how much they enjoyed one or more of my books, or who’ve written to ask me various questions.

I’ve wanted to be a writer since I was a child. I enjoy writing just for the sake of writing, and I would do it even if no one other than me ever read it. But the fact that you all actually read it makes the writing even more fun. Knowing that there is someone out there who will read it, who will enjoy it, makes me want to work that much harder to make sure I write a story that you can really get into.

And with all that in mind, as part of my thank you, I thought I’d share something else with you.

Right now, I plan to release my next novel, Ripped Away, in May 2013. I don’t have an exact release date yet, but as we get closer, I’ll let you know. I did make a few changes here and there to the plot since the last time I wrote about it, so here’s some updated info on it.

Laurel Bailey is a former police detective turned private detective. After she was shot on the job, she was forced to retire but refused to give up chasing down mysteries entirely. She tends to focus on her work because her personal life is kind of a mess: she’s been dating Alex Parrish, a family law attorney, for the last few months, while her ex-husband, Maddix, still clings to a hope that they’ll get back together – a hope she hasn’t exactly done much to extinguish.

When a single father comes to her, distraught that the police aren’t doing enough to find his missing infant daughter, she takes the case even though she agrees with the police that the mother is the one who took the child. But then a second child goes missing, and a third. As the number of missing children grows, Laurel realizes they’re all connected, but she cannot figure out the connection.

Until she finally does, and wishes she hadn’t. Alex is arrested, because all of the missing children belong to his current or former clients. Guilt ridden, Laurel is determined to find out who’s really taking these kids, because she’s positive it’s not Alex. As she investigates, questions arise. Where’s Alex’s other car? Who’s the dark haired woman in so many photographs in his home? Why is someone taking these children, anyway?

But someone wants to stop her from digging. They start with a warning, and when that doesn’t work, escalate to something they know will stop her. Only they underestimated Laurel. They took what mattered most to her, and that only makes her more determined to find them.

Alex has been falling in love with Laurel for the past few months, and has been able to envision a future with her. All he wants is to settle down, get married and have children. She could be the one. When he’s arrested at her home, the betrayal cuts deep. He knows she knew he’d be arrested, and cannot believe she didn’t tell him. But he has to work with her to prove his innocence. Uncomfortable questions have to be answered and it looks like his past has come back to haunt him. He’s forced to tell Laurel a secret he’s kept from everyone for the last decade and a half. A secret that just might destroy his dreams of a wife and children – if the kidnappings don’t do that first.

As the number of missing children continues to rise, Alex and Laurel must figure out who’s behind it and why. Some signs point to Alex’s past having something to do with it, but others indicate that Alex, and the missing kids, are just collateral damage to a vendetta against Laurel.

When they finally realize the truth about what’s going on, the reality is so unbelievable, so far outside the bounds of anything they’d considered, they can’t even fathom it at first. Can they put a stop to the insanity driving the kidnappings before it’s too late? Or is it already too late?

Want to know more? Then make sure you keep checking in to get a firm date on when I will release Ripped Away. I promise you’ll love it!