It's neverending

So sorry  I haven’t posted anything recently.

I began  homeschooling my kids earlier this month, and  I’ve been  super busy trying to get  in the groove with that,  plus keep working on my book,  writing  my articles, and just keeping up with  general mom duties.

I’m working on some things to  put up on the site – a   few short stories,  getting my  poetry put up, and working on some   more photos to   post.   I’ve just got  to find the time to actually sit down and deal with it all.  Time  is   a  rare commodity for me  these days.

There seems to be an assumption  among  many that because I work from home, and now that we school at home,  that I have plenty of free  time to do whatever I want  or  to  help others perform their  tasks that they can’t for some reason.

The truth is, I don’t have much free time at all.  During the day, I am  constantly switching back  and forth between teaching my kids and helping them with their work and my own work. When school is over, we  spend  a few hours outside playing,  which  is  PE for them, so it’s  still not really “free time.”  Evenings  are filled with cooking,  dinner, showers,  planning the next day’s lessons and articles,  and getting to bed. I have a  few  TV shows throughout the week that I enjoy, and I like to read, but I don’t have much time for either of those.

I’m still trying to find  that groove where everything meshes perfectly and my days run absolutely smoothly. I doubt  it actually exists, but it’s what I’m striving for.

In the  mean time,  please be patient with me if I  tend to not do  as  much on the site as we’d all like.