I had a boring week!

After three weeks of disasters, last week was actually pretty boring.

One day, my cat decided to race through the house like his butt was on fire, jump on a table and knock my hot chocolate and oatmeal all over the table, the chair, me, and my laptop. I had to race to get the hot chocolate off my laptop, and then the overstuffed recliner, but I was successful.

That was the most disasterous part of my week. And I’ll be honest: a boring week was amazing. I got quite a bit of writing done, managed to get some decent sleep, and had a little fun with the kids.

Now I’m just hoping this week and next can also be boring, before the excitement and business of Thanksgiving the following week. And of course, once Thanksgiving is over, then we have all that comes with Christmas and New Year’s. So yes, I’m really hoping for three boring weeks in a row, just so I can prepare for what’s coming.

How was your week last week? Fun, awful, boring? What do you hope is in store for the next couple of weeks for you?

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