I get excited over the weirdest things

I’ve been working on a book, which will probably be the next one published. But there’s another book that I was also working on, that I set aside for a while. That second book is set in the 1940s, and I ran into a problem with trying to find certain details that, although available online, weren’t really coming from any reliable sources.

But then I found a book that is all about America in the 1940s. I ordered a discarded library binding of said book, which got here today! I arrived home from a day out with my kids and a large group of friends to find it waiting for me in my mailbox. I’d already had a great day with my kids and friends, but this made my day even better. I am so excited about diving into this book and learning all kinds of details about the 1940s that I never learned in school.

I’m also kind of tempted to get more books like it – there is a whole series of these, each about a different decade. I’ve had a few other ideas rolling around, including one set in the 1970s.

Like the title of this post says…I get excited about the weirdest things. Let’s just chalk it up to being eccentric. I’m an author, I can do that.

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