Holiday Planning

I’ve been doing my holiday planning, working out the details of the meals, and when to Christmas shop, and putting holiday parties on the schedule. I realized one day late last week that while I’ve been working on my personal planning, I completely forgot about professional holiday planning: holiday marketing promotions.


I spent the weekend toying with some ideas, and I’ll end up spending this week toying with a few more, and getting things ready to go. I should have started this weeks ago really – maybe even months ago. But there’s just constantly been so much going on around here that, to try to think ahead weeks or months to the holidays, was just not something I wanted to even contemplate.

It doesn’t help that for me, marketing and promotion is probably the hardest thing I do. I struggle with knowing what to do, when to do it, how to do it, and what looks good/right. Figuring out what works and what doesn’t, what to reuse and what to make new.

I’m so good at being able to sit down and write. Editing and revising isn’t really that difficult for me. Though I tell myself that those things are the most important part of what I do (after all, if I have no book to sell, the marketing and promotion doesn’t matter at all, does it?), the reality is marketing and promotion is just as important, if not more so. And that’s the part that I really struggle with. I won’t say I completely suck at it, because I don’t think I completely suck at it. But I’m only maybe a step or two above completely sucking at it.

I look at what other authors do, but I find it hard to know which things they do that I should try to duplicate for my own work, what would work for my own work. I can’t afford to hire someone. So I’m left sitting here, feeling frustrated and like I’m groping blindly to do this.

I think I’d rather stick to planning the Thanksgiving menu.

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