Hill's Science Diet Ideal Balance Dog Food Review

Hill’s Science Diet Ideal Balance Dog Food

I received a free, 4 lb. bag of this for my dog as part of a BzzCampaign, since I’m a BzzAgent.

I have a beautiful pit bull (if you have any negative intentions toward me, remember you must pass him to get to me – and he is VERY protective! lol), who is not very picky about his food. He’ll eat dirt. Seriously.

I normally feed him something called Roy’s, that I get at Walmart. He eats it – well, actually he more inhales it, but whatever.

When I got the Hill’s Science Diet Ideal Balance, it was raining that day – which is the only time he gets picky about his food. Apparently water will kill him, at least in his mind. So, I held off until the next day, so I could be sure to get an accurate impression of what he thought of it. I gave him his usual dinner.

The next day was bright and sunny, and he was eager to eat, which didn’t really surprise me. What did surprise me was when he begged for his food. He’s always made to sit while his food is put into his dish, and allowed to go once the person feeding him is out of the way. He was told to sit, and he did, but then he actually begged for this food – something he has never, ever done in his 3 1/2 years of life.

He inhaled this food as he does any food, but the mere fact that he begged for it tells me this has some quality ingredients in it that dogs love.

Unlike other dog foods, this one is made with fresh chicken, real fruits and vegetables, and no corn or other fillers and no artificial colors. It’s comparable in price to those other dog foods, as well, so why not give your dog the healthier, better food? It provides, as it’s name indicates, a good balance of all the nutrients your dog needs, with quality ingredients to deliver them.

In my opinion, when a dog who will eat dirt begs for his dinner, it’s clear that the food is quality, healthy and what he should be fed. Why don’t you let your dog give it a try and see what happens? Click here to compare your current dog food to Hill’s Science Diet Ideal Balance and download a rebate for a free bag for your dog!

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