Glade Expressions Collection Review

As a BzzAgent, I often get to try new products for free. This time around, I received coupons to get a new Glade Expressions Fragrance Mist and a Glade Expressions Oil Diffuser for free.

The first thing I found was that finding them in a fragrance I wanted was difficult. Initially, all I could find was Pineapple-Mangosteen. I’m not a huge fan of this scent – although it is not as bad a smell as I expected.

Finally, I managed to find the mist in Cotton and Italian Mandarin. I absolutely adore the fragrance of this mist. A quick spray adds a light, inviting, invigorating fragrance to the air in any room, large or small. It’s a beautiful scent and I can’t get enough.

The oil diffuser, on the other hand, has not been such a pleasurable experience. I had no choice but to get the Pineapple-Mangosteen scented diffuser. I came home, set it up and then went outside to swim for about an hour. Upon coming back into the house, I could smell the pineapple fragrance immediately, even though the diffuser was at the other end of the house. The closer I got to the diffuser, the more cloying the scent became. Upon entering the room it was in, I could actually taste the oil in my mouth. I gagged. I nearly threw up.

I moved the diffuser to another room. This seemed to help – but only minimally. The scent still permeates the entire house, although it does seem to be a little weaker. I did consider the possibility that my aversion to the scent itself might have contributed to my feeling that it was too strong. However, there are 4 other people in my home, and they all felt that it was too much as well.

Overall, I love the mist, but I think the diffuser might need some work. In the future, I will likely purchase more of the mists, in other fragrances (possibly even the Pineapple-Mangosteen, since I can control it more easily!), but the oil diffuser will not even make my list of possible choices.

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