Finding my routine after the new year

We rang in the new year, slept in on the first day of 2016, and took down the Christmas decorations on the second day of the year. The weekend was cold and rainy for us, so that meant it was also very lazy and relaxed.

This, of course, means that today, I’m a little off-balance. It’s still rather chilly, although we’ve got a gorgeous blue sky above us. We haven’t started school back up because my birthday is this week, plus a park day, and three days of school just doesn’t seem worth it after the break. So, aside from my writing, there’s nothing that’s really motivated me to do much today.

Which is why I’m posting so late today – my lack of motivation led to me completely forgetting I even needed to do this. Luckily, I have a planner that I checked, in which I had written a note about doing this, or I probably would have forgotten completely.

I’ve got to work on finding my routine again. The holidays always throw me off, and I always feel like I’m spending the majority of January getting back on track. Everything slows or stops for the holidays, and then it all starts up at once, no slow build up.

Next week, we’ll start school again, and that will go a long way toward getting back into routine. That takes up a big chunk of my day and makes it easier to get motivated to get other things done, because those other things have to be worked in around that big chunk.

I look forward to this time of year, partly because of the holidays (and my birthday!) and partly because January feels like a fresh new start. But I also dread it a bit because, like any fresh new thing, the beginning is always a bit bumpy and rough as you figure it out and get it all working the way you want it to work.

On the plus side, I am at least managing to keep up with my word count, so I’m ahead of the game there. Well, okay, I’m on par with the game there. No, actually, I just glanced at today’s word count. I’m about 1,500 words past my goal, so I am ahead. šŸ™‚

For now, even though I’d love to write even more, since I’ve met my goal, it’s time to set that aside for the day. Time to read for a bit, enjoy some time with the kids, make spaghetti for dinner, and get ready for a new day tomorrow.

How’s the beginning of 2016 going for you?

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