February sales!

It’s February, which means…Valentine’s Day. And what better to read on Valentine’s Day than romantic suspense? Okay, okay, so maybe straight romance would be better, but that’s just not really my thing.

Anyway, in honor of Valentine’s Day, I’ve decided to have some sales, both on paperback and ebook versions of my books. Now, none of these sales will apply to Amazon, since Amazon won’t let me run my own sales there. But, you can use these on Smashwords for the ebook (which offers all ebook formats), and on my CreateSpace stores for the paperback – which will offer you better shipping prices than Amazon.

This is a great opportunity for you to get some great reads for the special partner, friend, relative, or even co-worker that just loves a good suspense with a bit of romance (romance with a bit of suspense, depending on your perspective!). Or maybe you’re the book lover – be your own Valentine and stock up on some great reads!

Here are the details:

CreateSpace: Use coupon code XM6QM765 on ANY of my book titles to get $1 off the listed price. This code can be used on any title individually or to buy all three at once and get the $1 on all of them.
The Secrets He Kept
Tangled Deceit
Rainy Days and Flowers

On Smashwords: All coupon codes are for 25% off the associated title.

Rainy Days and Flowers: TD89F
Tangled Deceit: XD69G
The Secrets He Kept: TL88E

All codes, both for CreateSpace and Smashwords will expire March 1, 2013.