Christmas prep

I started and nearly completed my Christmas shopping yesterday. I got all my shopping for the kids done. I have to shop for my parents, still, but that’s it.

I also whipped up a batch of Christmas cookie dough, using the recipe my grandmother has always used. You can see the story of what happened the first time I made them here, but I can assure you that the process is much smoother these days – and the cookies are properly sized, and even shaped these days!

I’ve still got presents to wrap, a Christmas party to prep for, and Christmas dinner shopping to do. I’ll be making more Christmas cookies between now and the big day, as well. But I’m feeling pretty relaxed and confident about things coming together and going smoothly.

I can’t wait for Christmas morning, and the looks on my children’s faces when they see what they got. Seeing the expressions, theirs and those of other people I care about, when they see the gifts they’ve been given, is definitely the best part of the holiday for me. Well, that and the Christmas cookies that make me feel like my grandmother is here with me instead of 1200 miles away. 🙂

How’s your holiday season going? Have you started, or even finished, your shopping? Do you have a lot going on, or is everything pretty relaxed for you this year?

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