Autumn is coming…faster than expected

Where I live, there isn’t that nice long easing into fall from summer: we don’t get the changing leaves, or the gradual decline in temperature, or any of that other nice stuff that you people up north get. Usually, what we get is hot, long days until one morning, BAM! We wake up and it’s like 40 degrees out or something. Okay, not really. But there does tend to be a different feeling around here when it comes to the change between these two seasons.

This year is different than it has been in a while, though. The temperatures are cooler than they have been in months, but there’s a different feel to the air. There are more breezes, there’s less humidity, there’s a feeling that says fall is here.

Most years, there’s one day – just the one – where if you step outside, and you’re really paying attention, you’ll know that it’s the first real autumn day. There’s a crispness to the air. An unnamed, indescribable scent that says “autumn.” The air is cooler, somehow, even if the temperatures are still in the eighties.

We haven’t had that day yet this year, but it’s coming, and I suspect it’s coming fast. Ordinarily, I’d be a bit disappointed.  I love swimming, and as temperatures begin to cool, it becomes time to close up the pool. That’s happened already. Thursday the pool temperature was 84, yesterday it was 82, and today it was 80. Those may sound like warm temperatures, but with all our trees, it’s just not. Our swimming is done. And strangely, even though we missed out on a lot of swimming due to rain this year, I’m okay with it.

I’m looking forward to the fall. The cooler temperatures, the early fall of darkness, Halloween trick or treating and costumes, pumpkin decorating – they all sound wonderful. Digressing a bit, and going into something I don’t like to talk about a lot here, I’m looking forward to baking with my kids, and exploring a whole new world in our homeschooling. I’ve got some nature walks planned, as well as some fun with drying fruit (apple chips, anyone?), roasting pumpkin seeds, making fun leaf window clings using tempura paints and real leaves.

One strange thing: most years, summer is typically my more relaxed time of the year. Without homeschooling to do, I have more time to write, my kids and I kick back more and it just feels more relaxed. This year, however, my summer felt a little…cluttered, I guess, for lack of a better word. I’m going into autumn feeling more relaxed than I felt most of the summer. I’m feeling better about autumn than I did about summer.

I’m enjoying this feeling, too. I’m soaking up the cool breezes, the cooler temperatures, the feeling that fall is coming and things are changing. I’m enjoying the fun my kids and I are having when it comes to our homeschooling right now. I’m looking forward to a trip planned for next month that will take us to a corn maze, and some other fall fun. I’m looking forward to opening my doors and windows and letting in the fresh air, pushing out the stale.

It’s a really great feeling, and if you’re not already feeling it, I hope you get to very soon!