Authorgraph and signed book copies

You may have noticed, I don’t do book signings – yet. Eventually, I will, but right at this particular time, they simply don’t work for me.

I will, however, happily sign a copy of my book that you’ve already purchased, if you want to send it to me. Or if you’d like to buy a signed copy from me, you can let me know and I’ll arrange it for you.

But what if you bought the ebooks? Yeah, I doubt you want my signature scrawled all over your Kindle screen. And while I could sign the back of it, it still just seems wrong, doesn’t it? But there is a solution!

Meet Authorgraph! Authorgraph is a service that allows authors and readers in interact through digital books. That signature that you’d love to see? You can get it through Authorgraph. All you have to do is request my (or any other author that uses the service) Authorgraph.  You can request a simple signature or a custom inscription just for you. Give me a few days to create it, and you’ll have your own digital book inscription from me. You can get one in just one of my books, or in all of them – request a different inscription for each book, if you want!

Here’s  where you can request my Authorgraph. Enjoy!

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