A new venture

So last week, I told you that I was feeling stuck in a rut, both creatively and motivationally (is that actually word? I’m not sure.). I asked for suggestions on how to get out of it.

But I actually found something to do about it even before I got any suggestions. In talking to several other creative types, it seems that most of us tend to have talents/skills in more than one area. I definitely do.

As mentioned in my about page, I’m also a photographer. Until now, that’s been a hobby, purely for fun. And it kind of took a back seat when I started pursuing my writing. But I’ve decided to get back into it, and see just how far I can take it. I’ve created a new website for it,and I plan to put it on Patreon as well. As things get up and running and are reading for unveiling, I’ll share more details with you here, but you can also check out the various links below to learn more.

I have not given up on my writing, and I’m sure that it won’t take long before I’m able to open up my writing software and the words will flow like they did before. In the meantime, working on my photography will allow me to express my creativity (which is desperately crying for release), and show you another part of my life. I hope you’ll enjoy it.

My new site is Dream Energy Photography. You can find it in the following places (everything is pretty bare right now, but I promise there will be plenty to come!):




Patreon (coming soon)


Youtube (videos coming soon)

Rest assured, I have not given up on writing, and there will be more books in the future. But I’ve realized that trying to force it is only making things worse, so it’s time to change direction and try something different. I will still post book reviews here, and I’ll keep you updated on how things are going, both with my new venture and with the writing.

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