Yes, I really am barefoot most of the time

So, it seems that many of you found the fact that I’m barefoot whenever possible to be one of the stand out parts of my interview on Celebrating Authors. And some of you found it hard to believe, as well. But I promise you – it’s true!

I am not your stereotypical woman who has 600 pairs of shoes, categorized by color and purpose. Honestly, I have 3 pairs of shoes: sneakers, a pair for dressing up, and flip flops. Seriously, that’s it! Well, I also have a pair of slippers for those cold winter nights, thanks to one of my kids at Christmas. And I do wear those, but it does have to be cold.

I did get a couple of people asking “Why?” Well, why does anyone do anything? It’s comfy, it’s fun…there’s a lot of reasons I could give. But it really just boils down to that I’m more comfortable barefoot. I don’t like having things on my feet. And I live in Florida, where (let’s be honest) it’s just hot sometimes to put anything on your body that isn’t absolutely, positively required.

I’ll let you in on another little secret, too: I’m also not a clotheshorse. I spend most of the year living in shorts, yoga pants, t-shirts, pajama pants and tank tops. Occasionally, depending on where I’m going, I’ll even throw on a pair of jeans. But I don’t own a dress or a skirt (and the last time I wore either was my wedding dress over 12 years ago!). I have a few dressier shirts, but I’m a very casual kind of girl.

I do appreciate the very positive response to my interview. And I’m glad I could entertain you guys! 🙂

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