Are you an individual looking to improve your relationships?

When most people think of relationships, they immediately think romance. And they can be, but that’s not all there is.

You have relationships with everyone in your life, including cashiers at the grocery store and the UPS driver. The depth and closeness of these relationships vary. We don’t give much thought to the less important relationships, like those with the UPS driver or cashier. But the deeper, more important relationships like those with our parents, children, and friends require us to not only think about them but work at them.

When you’re ready to make changes, improve relationships, and find a deeper connection and happiness, that’s where I come in. I give you all my best tricks, tips, advice, and recommendations for making all the relationships in your life the best they can be.

I teach you how to use meditation and mindfulness to strengthen your relationship with yourself as well as your relationships with others in your life.

The most important relationships in your life deserve the best you have to offer. Make sure that the best you have to offer truly is the best.

If you’re ready to get started on making your relationships better, reach out today.

Are you a relationship coach, marriage counselor or other professional looking for content for your blog or other materials?

If you’re actively helping others with their relationships, finding time to write a blog, newsletter content, or other material might be a bit tricky. But you definitely need those things to find new clients and show them what you can do for them. So why not get a little outside help?

As a writer, I can provide you with original or syndicated content ready to post on your blog, insert into your newsletter, or create beautiful brochures. Just give me a few details and I can have your content ready within two weeks.

Let your current and potential clients see that you have the knowledge to help them without taking time away from doing what matters most to you – helping people.

Contact me today to get the ball rolling!

Looking for a meditation teacher?

New to meditation? Looking for someone to help you get more consistent with your practice? Tired of the one size fits all meditations you find on apps and websites for anyone to purchase and listen to?

Whatever your needs, let me help you customize your meditation practice so it truly works for you. I want your practice to feel soothing and comfortable, yet also practical.

Let meditation reduce your stress and anxiety, increase your calm and patience, improve your relationships and resilience, and make your life better in every way that counts.

I offer meditation instruction, plus personalized meditations written just for you, with or without relationship components.

If you’re looking for a meditation teacher, click here for more details on working with me in this capacity.