Work is the new relaxation

We found this gorgeous, small beach on the west coast that's so nice.
We found this gorgeous, small beach on the west coast that’s so nice.

Last week was a busy week for me. I had plans to go to the beach on Monday, then morning plans on both Tuesday and Wednesday, and midday plans on Thursday. I had worked out how to do all these things and still find time to write. Then my beach plans got changed at the last minute, and suddenly my Monday was free but my Friday was not. It might seem like it would be incredibly easy to simply do on Monday what I’d planned on Friday, but it wasn’t.

I ended up feeling a bit off all week, despite enjoying all of my plans. I got to spend some great quality time with the kids, as well as some great quality time with a few different friends. But I struggled each day to meet my word count goal, and felt (more than usual) that my writing wasn’t what I really wanted it to be. It is just a first draft, so I know I’m supposed to just write and not edit, but it’s hard when your mind keeps saying, “This is crap. This is complete and utter crap.”


Friday’s trip to the beach was incredibly relaxing – but it also resulted in a pretty severe sunburn for me and both my kids. We spent the weekend inside, hiding out from the sun (and for me, from other people). I’m still nursing that sunburn today, although it is feeling quite a bit better than it was. Over the weekend, though, the pain made it rather difficult to concentrate, and thus, meant more time with my word count goal being unmet and pretty much ignored.

This week is another busy week, though it is slightly less busy. Only three days have actual plans, as opposed to four. I’m hoping this means I’ll get back on track. I’ve already been writing this morning, though I’m barely a quarter of the way to my goal.

I’ve always loved writing – that’s why I became a writer, after all. But after last week, after being gone so much and getting so little writing done, I’m especially looking forward to the chance to stay home and actually get some real work done. That thought is so relaxing to me. I feel like the old joke about needing a vacation from my vacation.

My kids found tons of tiny crabs to play with.
My kids found tons of tiny crabs to play with.

Do you ever feel that way? Have a week so busy that, despite the fact that it’s all fun, you still need to decompress from it when it’s all over?

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