Winding up and winding down

Summer is winding down. The cheap movies we were going to are over, and the public school kids are heading back to school on Monday.

As summer winds down, other things are winding up for me. Right after Labor Day, we’ll be back to homeschooling. I’m working on my third book, and by next weekend, I’ll be beginning the first round of edits on my second book.

Between spending several hours a day working on school, another several hours a day writing one book and editing another, and several hours at least once a week (and probably more) planning for school, I’m going to be incredibly busy. I may actually have to set aside the third book while I do the edits on the second one in order to have any free time whatsoever.

Things will be so busy for me that I’m actually seriously considering a notice to my friends and family that I won’t really be answering calls, and that they should text me if they want to get hold of me. I don’t take calls at all while we’re doing school, and I prefer not to take them while I’m working – it breaks my concentration and the flow. Texts allow me to respond in my own time, and also to ignore them when they come in until it’s more convenient for me to deal with them.

The third book is coming along. Still quite a few rough spots. I’ve gotten in touch with a friend who’s helping me out with a few details I need in order to make a scene or two make sense. Once I get his answers to my questions, hopefully I’ll be able to move forward and also figure out if there’s more I need to beg him to tell me. 🙂

I’m really excited about getting started on the edits for my second book, The Secrets He Kept. I actually find myself thinking about the book quite often. Truthfully, it’s been a struggle to wait for next weekend to start editing. I have to fight hard against the urge to start now. I know that I need a good solid month away from it in order to really be able to find any typos, and to be ruthless enough to cut what needs to be cut, and to see where there are gaps that need to be filled. But this one flowed so well and so fast (I wrote the first draft in a month), and I just love the idea behind it. I can’t wait until all the edits are finished and I can release it for all of you to enjoy.

Well, back to work.