Will I accomplish anything this week?

This week is an unusual week for me. In a typical week, I get up and take my kids for a walk around the neighborhood before I come home and take a shower while they get started on some of their self-directed work. Then, we go through our homeschooling day before they get to play outside and I get to work either writing or editing. Sometimes we swim, depending on the time of year.

But this week, I have a gigantic interruption to our regularly scheduled programming. I’m not going to go into detail, but it’s a personal situation that crops up from time to time and is, unfortunately completely out of my control. Every few months, I have to go deal with this person/situation again, much as I wish I could avoid it.

The last time, it took half a day to (temporarily) resolve the situation. I have no idea what it will be like this time. I only know that right now, Tuesday is completely blocked off to deal with it. Unfortunately, blocking off the entire day to deal with this means piling Tuesday’s work onto the other days of the week.

To someone who doesn’t live my life, this might not sound too difficult. But it’s more complicated than you think. First, my two children have ADHD. This means that adding extra work to their day (and therefore, extra time) isn’t easy. It leads to more trouble focusing for them, which leads to frustration for me. The extension of their school day means I have less time for work – or I must stay up much later in order to get done what I wanted to get done. And I still have to find time for all the other usual weekly chores – meals, laundry, etc.

In other words, this one day issue is screwing up my whole week. As if it’s not bad enough, I have to deal with this situation so early in the day, I have no time to go for a relaxing walk, or do any yoga. If I’m lucky, I might have time to meditate for a few brief moments before I have to get ready that morning and leave, but I’m doubtful.

I have no idea what will get done and what won’t this week. I’ve decided that rather than stress myself out (which is what I really want to do!), I’m going to just let go and just go with whatever happens. Some deep breaths, good conversations and support from friends, and knowing that those who love me really love me – these are the things that will get me through this week.

I hope you have a much calmer and more relaxed week than I will.