Why settle for reality when there are dreams?

My kids have some seriously wild ideas for their futures. If you read Tangled Deceit, then you probably read the dedication in which I mention that one wants to be the next Steve Irwin and the other thinks he is Steve Irwin. This is not an exaggeration.

What might surprise some people, though, is that I don’t discourage any of their wild fantasies. Why should I? Here I am, the proud author of three published novels and a volume of poetry – a dream if there ever was one. If someone had discouraged me when I was a child, I might never have accomplished this, and be working on more to come.

My grandmother was always my biggest cheerleader and fan. She never gave up on me, never lost faith that I would one day do what I am doing right now. She was always supremely confident that I would do it. Not could do it, but would do it. In her mind, it was only a matter of when, not if.

And because of her support, because of her unwavering faith in me, I’ve done it. I’ve made my dream a reality. So, when you consider that I am the embodiment of making what might seem to others to be a wild dream come true, why would I discourage my kids.

I’ve always loved the above quote by T.E. Lawrence, because I think it holds some real truth. So many people dream during the night, but refuse to think about them any other time. They plan to go after their dreams “someday” but keep pushing that vague date further and further into the future until there are no more “somedays” in which to accomplish anything.

But for those that dream in the daytime, those who bring their dreams out to stand up to the harsh light of day, dreams can become reality. With eyes wide open, they examine their dreams and find ways in which they can make it happen. They make plans, and they begin to see that it doesn’t have to be a distant dream.

I want my children to be daytime dreamers. I want them to be dangerous dreamers. I don’t want them to settle for good enough, or take a job just because it pays the bills. I want them to take a job because it pays the bills only until they make their dream real. I want them to know that their dreams, no matter how wild it might seem, can come true, if they just put forth the effort and try.

And you, reading this in the middle of the night or on your lunch break or between errands on the weekend – I want you to be dangerous, too. I want you to drag out that dream that you only let yourself envision in the night – bring it into the daylight. Examine it, touch it, feel it. Start making plans. Sure, some of those plans won’t work (you can’t invest a million dollars in the stock market when you’ve only got thirty in the bank), but I bet once you start, you’ll find plans that will work. And once you start finding those plans, you’ll keep finding more. And the more you find, the more you’ll begin to realize that your dream can come true.

My dream has come true. I am living my dream right now – all of them. I’m a published author. I’m the mother of two totally awesome kids who drive me nuts and give me my greatest joy in life. I want to see that for you, too. Be dangerous with me. Be dangerous with everyone. Maybe if enough of us are dangerous together, we can not only make our dreams come true, but make the world a better place.