When one sale ends, another begins…

This week, I’ve had a Kindle Countdown Deal going for The Secrets He Kept on Amazon. I’ve had some amazing results, and I would like to thank you, my wonderful readers, for your support. I’m thrilled with the results so far with this sale, and there’s still another 7 hours to go.

But even as this sale is ending, I have to tell you about another one. Same book, different region. The Secrets He Kept will now be on a Kindle Countdown Deal in the UK Amazon site, for £.99, beginning Sunday June 8th. For one week, until Saturday, June 14th, you’ll be able to get this deal on Amazon.co.uk.

If you live in the UK, or know someone who does who would enjoy this book, won’t you please let them know? And while you do that, I’ll get back to work on writing.

Get The Secrets He Kept in the UK!

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