What's coming next?

I’ve been hard at work on my third novel. At the moment, it’s tentatively titled The Abducted. I began working on it for NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), and am pleased to say I have made a ton of progress toward getting the first draft done.  Want to know what The Abducted is about? Keep reading!

Laurelynn Bailey is a detective in a Florida beach town. She investigates everything from robbery to murder. She loves her job, and focuses on it because her personal life is a mess. She’s still involved with her ex-husband, Maddix while dating a wonderful family law lawyer, Alex Parrish.

She catches a case that she can really sink her teeth into. A series of kidnappings have occurred in town. Children are going missing in the middle of the night without a trace. There is no evidence, no pattern, nothing to help Laurel figure out the who, how, or why of it. But then she does find a connection: all of the children’s parents were clients of Alex’s.

When her boyfriend is arrested for the kidnappings and she’s kicked off the case, Laurel has to do something. She doesn’t really think Alex kidnapped any kids, but when she starts looking for things to prove his innocence, she discovers that he’s hiding a few dark secrets.

When more kids go missing while Alex is incarcerated, and Laurel’s sister disappears, everyone realizes that the stakes have been raised. A few clues have finally been left behind, but the clues only seem to make things more complicated. The kidnapper seems to be out for revenge, but against whom? Alex? Or Laurel?

As children continue to disappear, Laurel and Alex are racing the clock, looking for answers. Old ghosts come back to haunt them. In order to solve the crimes of the present, they both must face their pasts. Can they do it in time to save the missing kids?

So…that’s what’s next. What do you think? I don’t know yet when it will be published, but I’d say it’ll probably be the middle of next year, at the latest. If you sign up on the home page, you can receive email updates about my books.