What Do You Hate Doing?

We all have something we hate doing when it comes to running our business. For me, it’s dealing with the finances. I do it because I know it’s necessary, but when the day comes that I can afford a bookkeeper or accountant, I’m outsourcing it in a second.

What do you hate doing? Is it answering phones or returning calls? Maybe it’s sending emails or reading them. Or it could be that you hate writing blog posts or sales copy.

If you hate it, it doesn’t get done

The thing about the tasks you hate is that they often don’t get done. Or they do get done, but not until you absolutely can’t avoid them anymore. Or you do them consistently, but with only a half-hearted effort. Whatever the case, the ultimate result is a half-finished or fully completed task that doesn’t really move your business forward.

If you’re telling yourself that you don’t hate any part of your business, just take a moment to look at everything you do. What do you jump out of bed to do each morning? And what do you put off or at least dread doing? I promise you, there’s something.

Don’t be ashamed to admit it. You’re not alone, I assure you.

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Cost vs. benefit

I know the argument against outsourcing is often that you can’t afford it — notice in my first paragraph I admit I can’t afford to outsource my books yet. But we also sometimes use that as an excuse. We may think we can’t afford it, but the truth is we just don’t want to give up that control. Or we’re scared that someone else won’t get it right, or they’ll steal our ideas or… the list of reasons is endless.

If you think you can’t afford to outsource, it’s time to do a little cost vs. benefit analysis. Consider how long it takes you to do the tasks you hate, and how much money you could make during that time if you were working on your product or service instead. Consider how much money you lose by avoiding that task all the time. Paying a writer or an assistant might seem like an unnecessary or unaffordable expense, but you might quickly realize that it will actually save you money.

By outsourcing, you free up all the time you spend on the tasks you hate. You free yourself of the frustration and stress that you currently have from dealing with it. You position yourself to focus on things that are more enjoyable and probably more important to you. All of those things come together to allow you to grow your business.

Finding the right fit

Outsourcing is also about finding the right fit. Whether you’re working together in the same location or virtually, being able to work well together is key. Being able to express your needs, and have your writer understand and accomplish what you’re looking for is the only way the partnership works. And it is a partnership — your success is my success as your freelance writer. My job is to help you and your business thrive, and the only way that works is if we both understand that we are working together.

If you’re looking to outsource some writing but you’ve been burned in the past or you’re hesitant for other reasons, contact me today to schedule a free consultation. We’ll discuss your needs and find out if we’re a good match.

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