What a week!

I didn’t get nearly as much writing done this week as I’d hoped. We had such a busy week around here. Here’s just a little of what we did this week:

– We met Nick Cannon! This was the highlight of the week for my kids. He was in our town for a meet and greet to help a local charity (www.ProjectHopeOcala.com) stock their food shelves. We got to watch him DJ a bit, then stood in line for a very long time to meet him, get his autograph and get a photo with him. It was an incredible experience. I have great admiration for celebrities like him, who aren’t constantly in the headlines for drug use, cheating, lying, or other ridiculous things like that. He seems to be using his fame for only good things, and that’s something I have to admire. And, he’s a genuinely nice guy, which made the experience even better.

Nick Cannon at Easy Street Family Fun Center
Nick Cannon at Easy Street Family Fun Center

– I got to have a Mom’s Night Out with some friends Thursday night. This was the highlight of the week for me. A night out with a group of moms, filled with tons of laughter and great conversation. We made some memories that, for me anyway, will last forever. We already have plans to make this a more regular thing, and I’m super excited about that, because I hadn’t realized how much I needed that time away. I love my kids, no doubt about that, but it was nice to have an evening where they were in someone else’s care and I could just relax and enjoy myself.

– On Thursday, before Mom’s Night Out, we had park day, which had us out of the house all day, and then I had to come home and try to eat and get ready for my night out and leave on time. That made for a fun experience, especially when I let myself get sucked in on Facebook while I was eating.

– Easter. Shopping, eggs, baskets, on and on. Need I say more?

This week…kind of better, kind of not. We have a park day, I had plans for a field trip, but we’ll have to see on those. I discovered yesterday that my car has some brake problems that I need to get resolved before I make a trip. So it might be a relatively relaxed and easy week, or it might end up as busy as the last.

Either way, I’m enjoying tonight before it starts. Cheesecake for Easter dessert, candy of all kinds, and Hop for movie night with the kids. It works for me.

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