Want to win The Secrets He Kept?

So, I said I’d give you a chance to win the ebook version of The Secrets He Kept, and here it is!

Entering is super easy. Here’s all you need to do: in the comments, tell me who your favorite author is. For me, personally, it’s a toss up between Lisa Jackson and Stephen King. But I want to know who you love. Whether it’s a contemporary author or someone who died a hundred years ago, tell me who you just cannot read enough of.  Also, please let me know what device you plan to read The Secrets He Kept on (Kindle, Nook, your Windows laptop, etc.) so that I’ll know what format to put the file in for you.

Now, as with any contest, there are a few rules. But they’re pretty simple. Here they are:

1. Only 1 entry per person. Duplicate entries will not count. If I find double entries, I will only count one, and if I find more than two from the same person, you will be disqualified entirely.  (If you’re wondering why I will disqualify for three or more, but not two, here’s why: I know my laptop occasionally hiccups and doesn’t show me the results of what I just did. When I then do it again, it shows me both entries. So I will give the benefit of the doubt for two, but it’s kind of hard to think you just had a hiccup if I find three or twenty entries from you. :D)

2. All entries must be received before 9 p.m.  Eastern on November 3, 2012. Any entries received after 9:01 p.m 11/3/12 will not be entered to win.

3. Winners will be announced no later than Tuesday, November 6th, 2012 (but could be sooner).  Winners will be contacted at the email address provided, so double check your email address carefully when you enter it.  (Don’t worry; your email address will not be visible, and it will not be used for any other purpose other than to contact you if you win.)

4. There will be 2 winners. I will use a random number generator and enter the total number of qualifying comments to determine the two winners.

5. The winners will have 48 hours to get in touch with me to receive their free ebook of The Secrets He Kept. After 48 hours has passed, I will use the random number generator to choose another winner, who will then have 48 hours.

So, there’s what you need to do, and the rules. What are you waiting for? Good luck!

This blog post was moved from one web host to another. In the process, the comments didn’t transfer. I’ve listed them below for reference:

10/31/2012 6:56pm

Mine is Nora Roberts. I have a Nook.

Marisol Rodriguez
11/01/2012 8:31am

I love Nora Roberts, and J.D. Robb. I think they’re the same person? I have a Kindle.

Karen C.
11/01/2012 8:48pm

James Patterson tops the list. I just ordered a Kindle. My sitser read your other book.

Donna Kell
11/03/2012 4:08pm

Stephen King tho James patterson is good. I have a Kindle.

Steven M.
11/03/2012 4:10pm

Stephen King tho I love many more. Kindle