Today's a new beginning (sort of)

Today’s a rather cloudy, wet day. Ordinarily, it’d be a bit of a depressing day. But I’m finding myself in a really good mood.

I was sick at the end of last week, and over the weekend, thanks to my youngest child taking that whole “you should share” thing to heart and sharing his cold with me. Friday was an entirely sleepless night for me, but I managed to sleep much better Saturday night and last night. So, today, I’m feeling so much better.

I am starting the first round of edits on my next book, The Secrets He Kept, today. I’ve formatted it for my Kindle, loaded it up, and I’m about to get started as soon as I finish filling you all in.

Another thing I’m very excited about is that I found a website last week, thanks to another homeschooling mom. It’s The site offers a variety of college level courses, for free, just as if you were taking an actual online college course. All the textbooks have open source (read: free) online textbooks and materials (at least as far as I can tell), so the only commitment you make is your time. Today, I get to start my first class, Introduction to Sustainability. I am so excited about this! In a month, I’ll be starting my second class, Greek and Roman Mythology. I chose to sign up for that one because my kids decided, after watching Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief, that they wanted to study Greek mythology this year. While I’m fairly familiar with the basics, I decided it wouldn’t hurt to get even more familiar with more in depth information, so I can better educate them, and be prepared for however far they may want to branch out with this.

I’ve got so much going on right now, and I’m so excited about all of it.

And one other exciting new thing….if you haven’t noticed yet, on the bottom right corner of the homepage, there is a newsletter sign up. You can sign up to receive the newsletter I’ll be starting to send out (either once a month or once every other month, I haven’t decided yet), and get updated on anything new I’ve got going on. Plus, you’ll also get a chance to sign up for book giveaways, the chance to read and review an advance copy of my new books as they come out, and more! Make sure you sign up!

In the meantime, I’m off to ruthlessly attack my book, and begin expanding my mind again. Have a great week!