The Summer of (Fictional) Love!

Nothing but romance, all summer long!
Nothing but romance, all summer long!

I am super excited about this post! I am hip-deep in Kindle books right now, all advanced copies generously provided by NetGalley in exchange for honest reviews – but I get to do more than just review them.

I recently signed up to be a blog tour host on Tasty Book Tours, and signed up for book tours for several of the books that I received through NetGalley. All these books and all these tours mean that this is going to be, as I’ve decided to call it, the Summer of Love here on the blog.

There will be reviews, promos, excerpts, guest posts, and interviews with authors like Tina Wainscott, Laura Drewry, Claire Kent, Maggie McGinnis, Stacey Kennedy, Cassie Ryan, and more. We’ll be talking about books like Falling Fast, Commanded, Once Upon A Cowboy, The Escort and Code of Honor, among others.

Starting Wednesday, June 24th, and running through the first week of September, there will be at least one book featured each week – sometimes two, and maybe even three. In some cases, there might even be a giveaway.

Each book is a new book, and each book will be released somewhere around the time of my blog post – within a couple of weeks before or after my post, at least. And you’ll be able to follow the blog tour, visiting other hosts and seeing the guest posts, interviews, or reviews they share. There will be plenty to check out here, and plenty to read.

Whether you’re looking for a light beach read, a steamy late night story, or a second chance romance, chances are good you’ll be able to find it here at some point over the next two and a half months.

I’m so excited to share my reviews of these books, as well as the exciting guests posts and interviews that these authors have so generously provided. I’m well ahead on my schedule, so I’ve already written several of the reviews. And I’m looking forward to reading the remaining books on my list.

What new releases are you looking forward to reading this summer? This fall or winter? Any books you’re looking forward to that don’t have a release date yet? That’s right, George R.R. Martin – I’m looking at you right now.

Make sure you check back often this summer to see the Summer of (Fictional) Love!

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