The Devil Wears Spurs – A Review

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Netgalley sent me an email the Friday before the holiday weekend and offered me a free copy of The Devil Wears Spurs by Soraya Lane as a way to spend my weekend. I took them up on the offer, and it was a good idea. I started the book late Friday night (translation: I read one chapter at midnight before crashing) and finished it Sunday afternoon. I could have finished it Sunday morning or even Saturday evening, but I took time away from it for my own writing, as well as to enjoy some time in the pool, watch a movie or two, and hang out with my kids.


The Devil Wears Spurs is a steamy cowboy romance, and the first book in the Texas Kings series, which follows billionaire brothers Ryder, Nate and Chase King. This book is Ryder and Chloe’s story. Ryder is the youngest of the three King brothers,  and the most reckless and arguably, irresponsible. With their grandfather’s health declining, he’s decided to sign over the ranch to his grandsons. Ryder loves his family, and is proud of his family’s ranch, but he’s also got something to prove – or at least, he thinks he does.


He’s a rodeo cowboy, and that’s where Chloe first sees him. The attraction is immediate and intense, but Chloe is determined to play hard to get. Her friend Shelly, on the other hand, is perfectly happy to help Ryder get her, and gives Ryder Chloe’s number. She ignores his texts and calls, but when she runs into him at the bar where she works, she can’t avoid him any longer.

Ryder’s high from Chloe’s yes disappears fast when he makes the worst mistake he could possibly make: he bets, and loses, his part of the family ranch. The humiliation of doing so in front of Chloe pales in comparison to the realization of what he’s done and what his brothers and grandfather will think and do when they find out.

But Chloe can help, or so she says. With nothing to lose, Ryder figures he might as well let her try. She quickly proves that she’s not just making it up when she says she can play poker with the best of them, and Ryder quickly begins to feel hope that he just might be able to rectify his mistake with her help.

This book turned out to be a great, light read for the holiday weekend. Ryder is a womanizing playboy with depth, and Chloe is a woman who can, and does, hold her own. She has big plans for herself, and her plan with Ryder is a means to an end: it’s a way to get her back on track to her goal of finishing law school. She’s not going to let anything stand in her way, but despite her determination to keep things simple and casual with Ryder, she soon discovers that it’s not that easy.

I enjoyed reading their interactions with each other, the way they would play off each other, using wit and humor to lighten somewhat heavy moments. It was also sweet to see the way Ryder wanted to protect Chloe, and how hard it was for her to accept that he could, and would, be there for her.

The relationship between the three brothers was also well developed and enjoyable. Each had his own, unique personality, and yet they were alike enough to mesh well and be close, despite differences in opinions. The grandfather was a fairly minor character in the overall story, but his role in Ryder and his brothers’ lives was clearly huge, and he was very likable – funny and kind, yet tough and clearly capable of raising three outstanding young men like the King brothers.

Chloe’s character was relatable, with a history that made her sympathetic: her father was a gambler, who didn’t care a bit about her other than the fact that she could either help him win or pay off his debts. Her dislike for her father is understandable and makes it easy to see why she has trouble letting people in. That makes it all the better that Ryder manages to slip past her defenses, even as she’s trying to keep him out.

There are no big morals to this story, no big themes to discuss and figure out how they relate to real life. It’s just a great, fun read for a weekend at the beach or an afternoon by the pool. Steamy sex, likable characters, and just enough suspense to keep you turning the page fill this book.

If you want a great romance with good sex and have a thing for cowboys and ranches, this will do it for you.

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