The after-Christmas Irritation

I had a beautiful Christmas with my family. Everyone got many things they wanted, a few things they didn’t expect, and we all got time together, which is the best part of the holiday for me.

One thing that I got was a video game that was, unfortunately, for a console I don’t own. Which was why I had to play the return game at Walmart. My initial thought was to exchange for a version for the console I do own, but then I figured a return would be easier.

As it turned out, they were only doing returns anyway. What they failed to tell me until after they’d completed it was that the money wasn’t going to be handed to me. No, they put it back on the card for the person who bought it. How does that help me? It doesn’t!

I ended up having to call my mother, the one who bought me the game, and she’s going to give me the money to go repurchase the game, but that’s not the point. My mother is local to me, which makes it easier for us, but what about people who are getting stuck with this and the person who bought them the gift is across the country?

I wouldn’t have minded this so much if they had told me before they processed the return that this was what they would be doing. If they’d done that, I would have decided not to return it, given it to my mother and let her return and repurchase all in one visit. Instead now, my mother has to go to the bank to get the money to give to me so I can make the purchase. Or she has to go buy it again herself. Either way, it’s now a bigger hassle. And why?

Because it’s easier for Walmart. Who cares about what’s easy, convenient or right for the customer, so long as it’s easy for Walmart?

There’s one good thing that came from this. She informed me that if there’d been a gift receipt (which, for the record, they NEVER mention when you make your purchases), it would have been returned for store credit. This is good because it means that now I can take my money elsewhere instead of giving it (by force, in the case of a store credit) to Walmart again.

I will not be shopping at Walmart again, if I can help it. And if I can’t, it will only be as a last resort, and never again at that particular location, no matter how conveniently located it may be.

How’s your after-Christmas life going?

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