Tangled Deceit will be on sale next week!

It hit me this morning that last week was the two year anniversary of when I published my first book, Tangled Deceit. I’ve had so much going on that the actual date passed me by without me even realizing it, so I didn’t get to mark the occasion.

Which is why I’m going to do it now. Starting Sunday, July 13, 2014, Tangled Deceit will be on sale for just $.99. For the next week, you can pick up my first book at a 67% discount.

Tangled Deceit is a contemporary romance, and centers around Lacey, whose life is turned upside down when Jon walks into her office and says one simple statement. Determined to prove him wrong, she learns that things may not be what they seem, and finds herself relying on Jon to keep her feeling normal. But as things continue to fall apart, it seems that Jon may not be what he seems either.

I wrote Tangled Deceit when I was a stay at home mother with my oldest child (who is a teen now!), over the course of a year while he napped or slept at night. Things have changed dramatically since those days (including the fact that I now have two other novels published!), but this one is where it all started.

I hope you’ll take advantage of this deal and pick up Tangled Deceit next week!

Tangled Deceit

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