Reading Goals 2017

The last couple of years, I’ve done the Goodreads Reading Challenge, where you set a number of books to read during the year and try to meet it. The first year, I met my goal (and I think I might have exceeded it, but I can’t recall for sure, and that was with starting late!), and this year, not so […]

Book Review Factors

I read a lot of books. I don’t review every book I read, mainly because if I did that, I’d never write anything else. But I do review the books I get through NetGalley (because that’s the deal – they give me a free book, and I give it an honest review), and I do review books that I feel […]

What I'm looking forward to reading

So, as of 11:23 last night, I have finished reading the last book in the Game of Thrones series (yes, I know, they have another name, but I can’t remember it right now). I’m a reader. I devour books. I’ll read any book, in any genre – well, okay, there are a few things I won’t read, but they are […]

Busy, busy week!

This week has been super busy for us. It was supposed to be our first week of the homeschooling year, but that didn’t pan out. We had appointments, and field trips, and errands, and a movie to go see, so we’re starting school next week instead. Then, of course, I’ve been busy with writing and reading (stay tuned for a […]

It's Labor Day weekend! (And I have a sale going on!)

Because I work from home on my own schedule, and we homeschool, which also allows us to basically set our own schedule, weekends aren’t as huge a deal for us as they are for others. We look forward to them, sure, but there’s not usually that “Yay! It’s the weekend!” or “Crap, it’s Monday!” feeling for us. This time, however, […]

Summer Heat

The summer heat is here to stay. We’ve already reached that point where most of our outdoor time is restricted to being in the pool, because it’s just too hot to do anything else. It’s also that time of year where we tend to stick closer to home, venturing out much less often because of the heat. In some ways, […]

The Secrets He Kept on sale!

So last week, I made my ebooks available on Barnes & Noble and Kobo. This week, I’m offering you a discount on The Secrets He Kept on Kobo! Tomorrow through Saturday, you can pick up The Secrets He Kept for $2.99 – 25% off its normal price of $3.99. I’m also still looking into other places to sell, so stay […]

Taking offense over a character

I was doing some research a while ago, for an idea rolling around in my head that hasn’t quite reached the “ready to be written” point. In the course of this research, part of which took place in a discussion forum, I ran across someone who got seriously bent out of shape at the way my character was to be […]

The book title that had nothing to do with the book

So, I’m reading this book, The Coach House by Florence Osmund. I’m 200 pages into this 351 page book (57% of the way through), and here’s the thing that is really standing out to me: there has yet to be a single mention of a coach house. In fact, I don’t think I’ve even see the word coach by itself […]