Considering Parenthood? Ask Yourself These Questions First!

Whether you’ve been married just a few days or for several years, you might be ready to start talking about babies. They’re adorable. The idea of creating a life that is a mix of ourselves and our spouse is heart-melting. But how do we know we’re really ready? If you’re considering parenthood for the first […]

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Your Summer Pregnancy Survival Guide

Both pregnancy and summer can be hard on the body. Combine the two and it can be a recipe for total misery. But it doesn’t have to be. I’m here to give you a few simple tips to surviving summer while you’re pregnant. The quick and necessary disclaimer: If your doctor or midwife has given […]

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Pregnancy Tips For a Work At Home Mom

a pregnant woman holding her belly standing in a big field with a few trees and mountains in the distance

When I learned I was pregnant the first time, the first search I did was for pregnancy tips. I wanted to learn everything I could to make sure that my unborn child could grow to be as healthy and strong as possible. Sometimes it can feel overwhelming, though. There’s so much information and many times, […]

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