Summer is finally over!

Those are words I’ve never said before. I love summer. The long, lazy days. The swimming. The movies. The time with friends that isn’t restricted by needing to get school done. I have more time for writing, and just generally get more accomplished even while relaxing. Usually. This summer, though, was different. This summer was a very rough summer. And […]

Love and loss

This is my grandfather. Herb Miller is my father’s father, and he was the only grandfather I had for most of my life, as my mom’s dad died when I was only five. This grandpa died last month. Less than a month after I saw him for the last time, knowing that it was the last time I would ever […]

Nest – A Review

I just finished the new release Nest by Esther Ehrlich. This book was…wow. Published by Random House Children’s, the book is geared toward the middle grades. But I could easily see it as an adult book. Nest is the story of Chirp and her family. A very loving family, close knit and happy, their world is rocked when Chirp’s mom […]