You say I'm unique like it's a bad thing!

I have a handful of friendships that have carried forward from my teenage and very early young adult years – people I’ve known since high school or the two years or so immediately after. One such friendship is with a man whom I’ve grown rather distant from in the last few years, as we have some extremely different views on […]

A new venture

So last week, I told you that I was feeling stuck in a rut, both creatively and motivationally (is that actually word? I’m not sure.). I asked for suggestions on how to get out of it. But I actually found something to do about it even before I got any suggestions. In talking to several other creative types, it seems […]

Seeking: Creativity and Motivation

I have been in a major funk lately when it comes to creativity and motivation. I seem to have neither right now. Every idea I think I come up with ends up fading into oblivion before it gets very far, or if it doesn’t fade, I end up like that person who doesn’t mop toward a door: I’m stuck in […]