Running late today

My day got off to a rough start. I woke up around 4:30 with a nasty headache that’s only just gone away in the last half hour or so. I was able to go back to sleep for a while, but it didn’t help with the pain, and it was a restless sleep, so it might have actually done more harm than good.

Then the kids and I headed out to do the last of our Christmas shopping (well, they still have to shop for me, but my parents take them for that, and I am all done). We had to get my parents gifts, at two different stores. In one, we had to hunt for the very specific item. Online, it indicated that the store had it available for pickup today if I ordered it online, so I knew they had to have it there, it was just a matter of finding it. The other store, it was easier to find what we needed, but then we had to find the right one of the many options. The trip wouldn’t have been bad, except for the headache that was still lingering.

Things are improving now, however. The headache has finally faded, I’ve had some lunch, and I’m finally ready to sit down and get some writing done. Maybe not as much as usual, but given the way the day started, if I can get even half, I’ll be happy.

I’m hoping the rest of my week will be smoother. We’re taking our Christmas break starting this week, so that should help a lot with smoothing things out.

Oh, I’ll be posting later today or tomorrow about some news with my books and their availability! Make sure you come back and check that out!

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