Red Baron Brick Oven Pizza Review

It’s been a while since I’ve had a BzzAgent campaign worth writing about, but this one was. I received a coupon for a free Red Baron Brick Oven frozen pizza to participate in this campaign, but as always, the opinions are mine and honest.

With two growing kids in the house, it’s hard to find food that’s fast enough to curb their hunger, filling enough to keep them from wanting to clean out my kitchen of every crumb of food, and nutritious enough to make me feel okay about feeding it to my kids – and that’s not even addressing flavor.

Frozen pizza tends to be a go-to for lunch around here. One of my kids would eat pizza, frozen or takeout, for every meal, every day if I let him. Frankly, he’s so into frozen pizza that I’m really kind of burnt out on it. I eat it, but it’s not something I really enjoy anymore. It all tends to taste the same – not just different brands tasting alike, but with some pizzas, it can be hard to tell the difference between the cheese, sauce, crust, and toppings.

So when BzzAgent sent me the email asking if I wanted to participate in this campaign, my initial thought was, “Nah, not really.” But then I read some more. Red Baron Brick Oven. Huh, that’s a little different. And I have always kind of liked Red Baron more than some others – especially the sauce. So I went with my second thought, which was, “What the heck. Can’t hurt.”

So I got my free coupon and headed to the grocery store. My local store only had two flavors: pepperoni and meat trio. As usual, one kid wanted one and the other kid wanted the other. So I got one free pizza, and one that I paid for. These are not personal sized pizzas, made for one, so I figured we’d have two lunches from them. I forgot, for a brief moment, how teen boys eat.

The day we decided to eat them, lunch time rolls around.

“You guys ready for lunch?” I ask.


I get one pizza out of the freezer, looking at the baking instructions and glance at the nutritional information chart. Serving size: 1/4 pizza. Servings per container: 4. Hmm.

“How hungry are you guys?”

“Really hungry!” says one.

“Starving!” says the other.

I sigh. Okay, so I’ll make them both, and we’ll just put the leftovers in the fridge. I forgot, for another brief moment, how teen boys eat.

A wood-burning pizza oven baking a pizza. Ital...
A wood-burning pizza oven baking a pizza. Italiano: Un forno a legna Svenska: Vedeldad pizzaugn (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I preheat the oven, get the pizzas out of the box and get them ready to go. The instructions say to put them directly on the oven rack, so I do. I bake them for the indicated time and get them out, cut them up and serve them. My oldest child ate 7 pieces (I cut each pizza into 8 slices, so yeah, he basically ate a whole pizza alone.). We each tried some of both flavors.


The verdict: worth it.

I like the fact that you can actually taste each individual ingredient. The cheese, the pepperoni, sausage, sauce and crust each have their own unique flavor. Those flavors blend well, too. The sauce has some really, to quote the advertising, robust flavor, even better than I expected from Red Baron.

I did feel that the crust turned out to be a bit chewy and tough. My oldest thought it was crisp, but my youngest agreed that it was a bit too chewy for his taste as well. I think this might be one of those cases of personal preference, where my idea of crisp and other’s idea of crisp just don’t quite match. I am planning to make these again, and this time, put them on cookie sheets to see if it makes a difference – either with a crisper crust or a soft one that isn’t so tough.

At my local store, these pizzas were $4.99 each, which is about $1-2 cheaper than the other brands with similar sized pizzas. Given the delicious flavor of this pizza, I think this makes Red Baron Brick Oven pizzas a very good option. If I were going to make them for a dinner, though, I’d probably add a salad and maybe some garlic bread – but that’s only because we have 5 people in the house for dinner, and I think even with the inexpensive price, it’d still be pretty pricey to try to get enough for all 5 of us to have just pizza.

If you’re sick of the bland frozen pizza, or you just want to try something new, definitely give Red Baron Brick Oven pizza a try. It really is worth the price.

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