Recycling: New Blog Posts From Old

One of the biggest struggles in keeping a blog up-to-date is figuring out something new and interesting to write new blog posts. But I’m going to let you in on a little secret: you don’t always need something new to write a new blog post. Sometimes you can take something old and just revive it.

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How long have you been blogging?

Consider this: if you’ve had a blog for four years and you’ve posted twice a week every week, that’s over 400 posts. That’s a lot of content!

Now, think about this: There are things you wrote about four years ago that are still an issue today. But just like you aren’t going to read a newspaper from four years ago to find out about today’s political issues, people might not read your post from four years ago about a problem you can solve for them.

Does that mean those 400 posts are wasted? Should you just give up on blogging? Of course not!

Write fresh new blog posts

What it does mean is that you should search your blog now and then to see what’s there. What did you write a year ago, two years ago, four or six years ago that you could write about again today?

For example, if you write about pregnancy, you might have a post about maternity clothing trends. Obviously clothing trends change rapidly, so you could easily write another post about that.

You could also look at previously written content that could be broken down differently. Using the maternity clothing trends post as an example, you could get four posts a year from that: one per season. Additionally, you could throw in a few “what to wear for this holiday” posts and a post about clothing for maternity photos.

new blog posts, freelance writing, writing
Photo by Free-Photos on Pixabay

Update your knowledge

Do you have a few posts that you look at now and marvel at how much more you know today than you did when you wrote that post? Use that to your advantage!

Take those posts, pull quotes and use those to show off what you’ve learned in the intervening years. You can do this in a variety of ways:

  • Point out things you were wrong about and what the correct idea, thought, or process is
  • Show a new depth of knowledge about a single topic or idea
  • Reflect on how industry standards have changed
  • Explain how a process or piece of equipment has become outdated and why you now use a new one

Not only does this make whipping up a blog post easier, it also shows your readers that you are constantly learning and upgrading yourself and your business. This is important because people want to hire someone who is not only knowledgeable but who also ensures that they are always on top of the newest trends and information in their field.

Stay current in search results

When you started your blog, you might not have known anything about SEO, keywords or how to make sure people knew your website even existed – other than the family and friends you badgered into checking it out.

Chances are, there are some real gold nuggets of information in those old posts, but if they’re not written in a way that’s engaging and using SEO and keywords for your business, you might not be getting any mileage out of those nuggets.

Rewriting those blog posts, polishing up the contents and ensuring that your keywords are used properly, will help them get in front of the eyes you want to see them. It’s new content, which search engines love, and it’s content with the knowledge and information that your readers need, which they love.

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel

While you don’t want to rely solely on your back catalog of blog posts to find new content to write, it’s a great way to keep things updated when you’re feeling stuck. Remember, you don’t need to totally reinvent these posts, either – the key here is to find content that you can quickly and easily roll into something new.

Don’t have time to do this? Lack the desire or ability? That’s okay! If you prefer to be more hands-off with your blog, you can hire a freelance writer to go through your old posts and then write the new content. Or if you haven’t updated your blog in a while, your freelance writer can create new blog posts from your old content and then create fresh content going forward.

If you’d like to discuss how I can help you get your blog updated, reach out for a free consultation today.

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