Self-Esteem Journal


Whether you’re looking to give your self-esteem a quick boost, or wanting to do deeper work and rebuild it from the bottom up, this 46-page journal is filled with questions and quotes to help you remember your value.

Meditate on and answer questions about your past, present and future to see the wonderful qualities you possess and things you’ve done. See yourself from an outsider’s perspective so you get a more objective perspective of who you really are.

This journal is an excellent way to start your personal process of building your self-esteem so you can have the big, beautiful life you want – and know you’re worthy of it.


I’ve been there. After years or even decades of being bullied, lied to, cheated on, ignored, or abused, you start to feel like there’s something wrong with you. They tell you it’s your fault they treat you this way, and after a while, you start to believe it.

Your self-esteem takes a nosedive. Negative thoughts start to fill your head. They become so normal that you don’t even hear them anymore – but they’re running on a loop that influences you every day. And you’ve had enough.

You’re ready to feel better. To feel confident. Worthy. Good. To feel loved, even if it’s only coming from yourself.

This self-esteem journal is an excellent starting point.

It’s filled with questions that will inspire you to think about your past, present, and future. You’ll dive deep to consider the people, experiences, and opinions that have influenced you, and the things you have done or can do that make you feel good.

You’ll step outside yourself and view yourself as a friend or loved one would, giving you a more objective perspective of yourself and your life. You’ll consider your personality as well as your physical appearance, creating a holistic view of yourself rather than focusing on any one aspect.

This 46-page journal also contains inspiring quotes to remind you of your value.

Whether you’re just looking to boost your self-esteem after a breakup or job loss, or want to rebuild it from the bottom up, this journal is an easy, thoughtful way to get started.


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