Overwhelmed suddenly

As you could tell from my last couple of posts, I’ve been preparing for our first week back to homeschooling.  I woke up this morning with the seemingly sudden realization that we start next week! It’s not like I haven’t been aware of this, but for some reason, today being Thursday has made it seem a bit overwhelming.

I think a little of it is because I’ve slacked off a bit the last few days, and not gotten done some of the things I should have. I need to get some worksheets created and ready to go, I need to start reading some of what they’ll be reading, so I can be prepared to discuss it with them. I’ve done none of this.

It’s time to get my focus back where it needs to be: kids and work.

We’ve already made a slight change to our first week. While I was watching a rerun of The Golden Girls on Hallmark this morning, my oldest saw a commercial for Swiss Family Robinson. It’s going to air this Saturday at 11am. My oldest had started to read this last year, but for some reason, stopped. So now, I’m going to record the movie when it’s on. Next week, we’ll read the book together and then watch the movie. We’ll compare the book and the movie and note what was in one but not the other and whether things in the movie are how we pictured them in the book. I’m super excited about this.

I’ve also begun toying with an idea for another book. Kinda stinks, because I’ve currently set my third book aside to work on the edits for The Secrets He Kept, which means that this idea will have to sit on the back burner for quite some time. But maybe that’s a good thing. Maybe enough of the details will work themselves out that by the timeI get to writing, it’ll just flow in no time. Who knows?

Off to focus now!