Only 12 more days!

Christmas is almost here! I’m so excited! I managed to get all my gifts to my kids wrapped Thursday night, and helped them wrap their gifts to each other and the gifts for the grandparents. They each still have one more gift for the grandparents to wrap, but we’re waiting on a few final details to get wrapped up (quit peeking and looking for hints, Granny!).

I love Christmas. I don’t love the crowds, and the shopping, so much. I’m a very introverted person, and being among people who are (where I live, anyway) rude, obnoxious and willing to simply snatch what they want right out of your hands in order to get it is so draining – and it irritates the crap out of me. But I do love seeing the looks on my kids faces when I’ve gotten them exactly what they wished for. I hate the physical shopping, but choosing just the right gift to make someone I love happy is so much fun for me.

I also enjoy it because we take a break from homeschooling, which gives me more time to write. And I am on a roll right now, making lots and lots of progress with a story that I am currently hoping will be published early next year – possibly in late February or early March. I have 12 days until Christmas and my goal right now is to be done with the writing by then. That way, after Christmas, I can get busy with editing. Or another story. We’ll see which one wins out.

I’m also really excited right now because tomorrow, my parents will be taking my kids out to shop for me. With working at home and homeschooling, I rarely get a break from my kids. Don’t get me wrong – I love them to death, and I love all the time I get to spend with them. They grow up so fast, and it’s amazing to be home with them, seeing them grow and learn and knowing that someday, they will be grown and gone and that this time is so precious. But, it’s also nice to have a couple of hours every now and then, where I can sip my tea, play online or write, and enjoy the peace and silence, knowing that soon, that too will be gone.

Here’s a little heads up for you, too: Just before Christmas (and I do mean just, as in a day or two before), I will be running another promotion on my books. Stay tuned for the details as we get a bit closer to find out just what I’ll be doing – but it will be for the ebooks and I promise, it will be a great deal if you’re still looking for a last minute gift for a book lover in your life.

In the meantime, I’m off to write, whip up a batch of Christmas cookies and relax before the big day.

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