One enormous rock, please

I have to confess one of my guilty pleasures to you, in order for you to understand where this post is coming from. So, here it is:

I watch Sister Wives on TLC. Now, before you start yelling at your screen about what an idiot I am, let me be clear that I do not believe everything I see. I know that the so called “reality” shows are usually scripted. I know that everything is sensationalized and blown up to ten times its normal size for the entertainment value.

But I also know that there is a small nugget or two of truth to the show. And though I could never live the polygamist lifestyle myself, I find the idea fascinating. Knowing that I am the jealous type, I find it intriguing to watch and learn about four women who share a husband. I like learning the few true details about how it works. I wonder about the things they don’t share.

If you don’t watch the show, this week’s episode was centered around the teens in the Brown family going out of state to talk with some teens leaving abusive polygamist families. Basically, it was to help the teens leaving realize that the abuse was unrelated to the polygamy.

But toward the end of the episode, the leaving teens visited the Brown family. As one of the teens told what her father had been like, one of the Brown wives said: “I didn’t know men could be bastards. I didn’t know.” She said this in tears.

I’d really like to see the rock she’s been living under.

I get it: She and her husband, and his other wives, all have a healthy, happy relationship. Or relationships, I guess. And that’s fine. But are we honestly supposed to believe that this woman who is….well, she’s got to be at least in her thirties, possibly even as old as her early forties, has never heard word one of abusive relationships? She’s never heard of battered women’s shelters, domestic violence, child abuse, or any of the situations like that? Men do that – so do women, but I’m only addressing the men that do it today, because that was what her statement was about.

I find that – well, to be honest, I find it impossible to believe. I understand that there probably are a small number of people who were raised in a very sheltered way, and have somehow managed to avoid coming out from under that shelter to learn about things like this. But no way do I believe that this woman, who lives in Las Vegas is that sheltered. No way will you convince me that a woman savvy enough to, along with her family, figure out a way to take their lifestyle and put it on TV for money, is that innocent.

I find it insulting that the producers and/or writers of Sister Wives thought this was a good line,  and that they expect us to simply believe it. I find it sad that this woman was willing to let herself look like such a fool by uttering that line. I think that line was just over the top ridiculous, even for a reality show.  I really think about the only thing she could have said that would have been worse would have been: “I didn’t know the sky was blue.”

There was something else I took from her statement, too, but I will be honest and say that I don’t know that this is what they intended. But to me, the unspoken implication to her statement was that Kody treats them so well, and is so perfect, that the thought of anything different is just unthinkable.

That is as ridiculous as the idea that she didn’t know men could be cruel. No one, man or woman, is perfect. No relationship is perfect. They’ve already shown some flaws in these relationships on the show. And yet, it really seemed like the implication was supposed to be that their relationship was just so wonderful.

Sister Wives has been one of my guilty pleasures since last season. I knew it was rather stupid, and pointless, but like a car accident – I just couldn’t look away. Now, I’m over it. With that one ridiculous line, I’ve become so disgusted with it that I won’t be watching anymore. I’ll find another guilty pleasure.

Or I’ll just reindulge in an old one. Johnny Depp in 21 Jump Street, anyone?