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In an effort to get more done that’s actually productive, I recently went on a bit of a ‘cleaning spree’ online. There were several sites that were sucking away my time (Facebook, I’m looking at you), and not giving me anything useful in return. Some of those sites I couldn’t get rid of (Yep, still looking at you, Facebook), but others I could – and did.

But there were others that I had to keep. I justified it by determining that they actually did provide something useful to me – at least sometimes. In doing that, I managed to narrow down what I do online.

Maybe you’re looking to get rid of the timesucks, or maybe you are just looking for new sites to visit. Either way, I thought I’d share a list of my favorite writing blogs. These are sites that, in most cases, never even got on the radar as a possible deletion.

  1. terribleminds. This is Chuck Wendig’s site. I’m a big fan of his books, and while his language isn’t ideal for everyone, I often find that I agree with a lot of what he says. I’ve found tons of useful advice here, as well.
  2. The Creative Penn. Joanna Penn has so much information available on her site. Self-publishing, being an author entrepreneur, writing, public speaking – she covers it all. She has over 200 podcasts to listen to, as well as tons to read. She’s well-established, so you can be confident that when she gives advice, she knows what she’s talking about.
  3. Kobo Writing Life. All of my books are available on Kobo, so it makes sense that I would check out their blogs, right? Kobo Writing Life offers podcasts, articles, tips and more to authors, and even if you don’t offer your books on the Kobo site, you can still benefit from the information they offer.
  4. Writer Unboxed. Writer Unboxed is a little different. It’s not written by just one person, like terrible minds. It’s not written as a helpful ‘don’t make the same mistakes I did’ like The Creative Penn, and it’s not geared toward the authors who publish on a specific platform, like Kobo Writing Life. It’s written by multiple authors (a whole lot of them, in fact!), and it covers a huge variety of topics related to writing. To be honest, that’s a big part of the appeal for me. I can go to Writer Unboxed and be almost guaranteed to find something to read related to whatever I’m feeling or looking for at that moment. And with so many writers, even if the same topic is covered more than once, it won’t be repetitive because they’ll each have a different perception of it.
  5. Romance University. ¬†Romance University might seem kind of odd to you, but remember, I write romantic suspense. Romance University does cover romance, of course, but it goes beyond that and delves deep into writing in general, too. You can find articles about creating a book cover, formatting your book for Kindle, writing strong heroines and sensitive heroes, or writing books in a series – and that’s just for starters! A great bonus is that the post a Weekly Lecture Schedule so you know what will be coming up on the site this week, right down to the day it will be posted. I love this feature because it means that I can come to the site and just randomly look for something, but I can also make a note on my schedule to remind me to come back and read something specific later in the week.

Those are my top 5 favorite writing blogs, but I do check out others as well. If you haven’t visited these sites yet, I highly recommend them all.

What are your favorite sites? Is there one I haven’t listed here that you think I need to see? Share it with me in the comments!

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