My own little Black Friday deals!

First, I’ll tell you that I do not shop on Black Friday. At all. I do my grocery shopping on Fridays, but I always do it the day before Thanksgiving so I can avoid the stores entirely on Black Friday. But, with that said, I’ve decided to participate in my own way in this year’s Black Friday sales.

My books are on sale through the weekend! Here are all the necessary details for you to save when you buy Tangled Deceit and/or Rainy Days and Flowers:

1. Amazon: The Kindle versions of Tangled Deceit  and Rainy Days and Flowers  are on sale for just $2.99 each! You do not need to do anything except put them in your cart and complete the order.

2. Smashwords: As on Amazon, both books are on sale for just $2.99 each. However, on Smashwords, you do need a coupon code, which is as follows:

Tangled Deceit: WR92K
Rainy Days and Flowers: BQ98L

3. Paperback: I am not able to list the paperback versions at a sale price on Amazon, unfortunately. However, through my store on Createspace, I am able to. You can use coupon code 3T8FATML on Tangled Deceit or Rainy Days and Flowers (or both!) to get $1 off! As a bonus, their shipping is cheaper than Amazon’s as well, if you’re only ordering my book(s) – so you’ll save there, too!

Enjoy! Buy them for yourself, or as a Christmas gift for the book lover in your life.  But remember – these prices are only good through the weekend. So don’t wait!