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Looking for some quick info on meditation?

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Meditation is the start of a journey

Meditation has many benefits. It’s biggest benefit, however, is that it is a journey. It’s the beginning of a journey into who you are, what you want, and what you need. It’s a journey into feeling more relaxed, less stressed, freer and less overwhelmed.

Meditation allows the meditator the opportunity to dive deep inside, to find places of stillness and silence inside that have been forgotten and bring that peace forward into daily life. This peace provides a stable foundation upon which the rest of your life, from the way you wake up to the way you parent to the way you run your business, can be built.

You become more in touch with yourself, and this allows you to know instinctively what to do – whether it’s deciding what’s best for your child or your business or even whether to date that cute guy you met at the grocery store.

Everyone can benefit

I firmly believe that everyone can benefit from meditation. But I also know, as a single homeschooling mother of two with her own business, that we can’t all sit around for hours a day meditating. For most of us, life is all about getting things done and moving on to the next thing. We don’t have time to waste, right?

I offer pre-recorded meditations that are typically 20 minutes or less so that you can meditate and get on with your day. Many are even less than 10 minutes! And while there are meditations that are geared toward everyone, such as breath awareness or guided imagery, many of them are specifically geared toward the needs of moms such as:

  • Finding motivation
  • Overcoming procrastination
  • Letting go of guilt, frustration, anger, and old pain
  • Self-love
  • Accepting your life as it is, even if it’s not what you dreamed it would be
  • Dealing with stress and overwhelm
  • Patience
  • Finding the time and/or desire to date
  • Balancing children and work

In addition to pre-recorded meditations, I also plan to offer courses in things such as learning how to meditate, finding time for yourself, and taking time for a reset.

I also hope offer a variety of downloadable workbooks to help you increase gratitude, happiness, build better relationships, stop procrastinating, increase motivation, and more.

You can find what I currently offer here. And if you’re interested in working with me 1:1 for meditation sessions, you can contact me here.