Looking forward to summer


I’ve wrapped up our school year here, which means that although the calendar still says it’s spring, it’s officially summer here (the weather would also agree with that). And I’m so glad. I’m looking forward to this summer for a few reasons.

First, I’ll have more time to write for a few months. It’s not a lot more time, but a little more. Between not having to spend hours a day on school (which I love, don’t get me wrong), TV shows wrapping up, and less to “do”, I’ll have more time every day to spend focused on my book.

I also get to do more with the kids. Movies, swimming, bowling, skating, hanging out with friends – we get to do all kinds of fun family activities and spend some real quality time together. Not that we don’t spend all kinds of quality time together anyway, but something about summer is just different.

I feel better during the summer. I don’t think I have SAD, but there’s definitely something about the longer daylight hours that make me feel better. I also love the storms, listening to the rain splattering against the windows and the wind sweeping through the trees as thunder growls and lightning flashes. It’s hot, and that’s not always so great, but overall, summer is just a great time of year for me.


This summer, I’ve also got a couple of things going on that I’m very excited about. One of them will be taking place right here on the blog, and I’m super excited to share some details about it with you in a couple of weeks.

I’ve got a bunch of books I plan to read over the next couple of  months. Most of them will be reviewed in the blog. I’m excited to read all of them, and having a little trouble deciding where to start.

What are your plans for the summer? Is summer your favorite season, or are you dreading it and wishing it was fall, winter or spring?

One thought on “Looking forward to summer

  1. Happy Summer!
    We are in summer mode as well. I am happy school year is over, I just hope it won’t be too hot. Not many plans as husband goes back to school and will be very busy with work on top of studies. Mainly hanging out, enjoying little things in life, hiking and meeting friends.

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