Little things with big people

As an early Christmas present, my mom gave me some cash and informed me that she was going to watch my kids, then sent me on my way to go out with a friend.

As a single, work from home, homeschooling mom, I don’t get much time to myself. I get a couple of hours after the kids are in bed for the night, but that’s often the extent of it. And since it’s often spent writing, catching up on recorded shows or working on various little things that didn’t get done during the day – that time is not always the relaxing “me time” that it could/should be.

This afternoon, I really enjoyed a few hours with a good friend at the bar in our local Chili’s restaurant. She is married, with two kids of her own. She and her husband both work, opposite shifts, and like me, she finds little time for just her. So it was really nice, for both of us, to have the chance to get away.

We enjoyed several hours laughing and chatting about everything: work, kids, relationships, anything and everything that came to mind. We enjoyed a couple of margaritas, and some queso dip before heading back home to our respective families, feeling much refreshed.

What was really great was the friend I was with. I’ve known her for almost twenty years – since we were freshmen in high school. We remember what we were both like back in the day, we know all each other’s dirty little secrets and embarrassing stories, and that makes for an incredibly relaxing afternoon. We don’t have to worry about saying the wrong thing, or finding a frame of reference to explain something – we just get each other.

Four hours sans kids and two margaritas on a Sunday afternoon just a couple of weeks before Christmas might not sound like much. But when you add in a dear, dear friend that you’ve known forever and can totally be yourself with, and that is a combination that makes for a wonderful afternoon.

I came home feeling relaxed, and ready to love, laugh, and be Mom again. All the little stresses that had been building and making me wonder what it might be like to run away and join the circus melted away. I always love my children, and I always love spending time with them – I wouldn’t homeschool if I didn’t. But sometimes it’s just so nice to have a little break.

Today was mine. When’s yours?